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NRD Blue Stencil Material

rhinestone stencil material
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Plotter Cutter Based Rhinestone Stencil Material
Rhinestone Stencil Material to be used with plotter cutters.
  • Size and Thickness
NRD Blue Stencil
10" Wide, 15mil Thickness
15" Wide, 15mill Thickness

GCC certified Stencil Material. Blue stencil is easier to weed than the green stencil and downforce requires to cut the stencil is less than green one. Downforce can go down as low as 100g (Recommended 150-200g for easy weeding). It is recommended for the stones to be at least 1mm apart from one another. Silicon tape is recommended, but also work with Heavy Duty or Normal Duty Tape. NRD Blue stencil also do cone shape sequins designs.
  • Note
    • Based on our testing, both materials worked as fine when being cut and weed.
    • Rhinestone transfer production has shown to be the same with the experienced transfer manufacturer.
    • This item requires to be attached to a backer board.

   *** Video Tutorial!- Heat Transfer Making A to Z
Heat transfer motif making procedure including preparing artwork with sample file, making template board with Cutting Plotter & Stencil, and Heat Transfer Motif production.



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