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swarovski rhinestones information 

Swarovski is the finest crystals in the market, produced in Austria. Many customers mistake Swarovski for crystals but Swarovski is the brand name associated with the finest crystals in the market. There are other crystals in the market such as our brand, Clarus. Swarovski offers the finest brilliance and is considered the best in the market. Swarovski is also the most expensive crystals in the market. While some customers go for the more affordable alternatives such as Clarus, Swarovski is the perfect choice for our more discerning customers who demand the unsurpassed quality.

Swarovski comes in different types of crystals such as the Hot-Fix, Flat Back, Transparent Hot-Fix, and Flat Back Uncoated. Flat backs are crystals coated with platinum backing, whereas the Hot-Fix crystals are flat reverse side pre-coated with heat-sensitive glue. The Transparent Hot-Fix and Flat Back Uncoated offer the crystals without a backing, which results in perfectly transparent crystals. The rest of the Hot-Fix and Flat Back are more translucent due to the foil at the back of the stone.

The round Swarovski we carry are Xilion Rose 2028, the finest in the market. There are many different types of Swarovski, and Xilion Rose 2028 is the type with the most cut, and therefore the most brilliant. Even if it’s Swarovski, other counterparts cannot match the brilliance and aesthetics of Swarovski Xilion Rose 2028. Xillion Rose has about 90 different colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect shade you’re looking for.

  clarus rhinestones information    clarus rhinestones

Clarus is Nova Rhinestone Depot’s exclusive brand of crystals. Though it may not be the finest, it gives Nova customers an affordable alternative to Swarovski crystals. On average, Clarus crystals cost less than half of Swarovski, but Clarus is very comparable to Swarovski in regards to quality. It goes through rigorous quality control to ensure most of our crystals are in impeccable quality. With the option of both Hot-Fix and Flatback, Clarus gives options to those who love crystals but not have a big budget for Swarovski. We offer around 35 colors for Clarus in sizes SS-6, SS-8, SS-10, SS-12, SS-16, SS-20, and SS-30

Clarus comes in different cuts depending on the size. It has 8 cuts up to for SS-6 and SS-8, 10 cuts for SS-10 and SS-12, 12 cuts for SS-16 and SS-20, and 16 cuts for SS-30. Higher cut means more brilliance, and bigger size has more cuts so you can see the crystals more clearly. Despite having fewer cuts, the smaller stones are just as luminous as the bigger stones, if not more.

  rhinestones information   GLASS RHINESTONES  

Glass Rhinestones are affordable, brilliant, and they are the stone of choice for most manufacturers. However, they do not have clear defining cuts like the crystals because they are molded having the top and bottom cut by machines. These Rhinestones are also known as 2 cut Rhinestones. The quality of rhinestone is separated by the country of manufacture, Korea or China. We only use and sell Grade A Korean and Chinese rhinestones. Our stones are by far the best quality in the market.

Korean Rhinestones are the better quality rhinestones, not necessarily due to the country of origin, but due to the fact that Korean rhinestones undergo a more rigorous inspection and quality control to ensure it matches the higher standard of most of our customers.

Chinese Rhinestones are made the same way as the Korean rhinestones, with the exception that the stones are not as rigorously inspected. This result in higher probability of finding stones that may be cracked and/or chipped, or the glue not applied properly. Though we say higher probability, over 95% of the stones in the bag should be in good shape.

Our rhinestones also come in various types such as Low Lead Rhinestones, Shape Stone, Ring Stone, and Pasco Stone. Low Lead Rhinestones have lead level compliant to CPSIA standards, whereas our regular rhinestones may not meet the standard. Shape Stones are Korean rhinestone molded into different shapes. Shape stones are perfect for designs that require a specific design of stones. Ring Stones are rhinestones encased in a metallic ring. Pasco Stones are enclosed stone with pastel color border, and they have mirror-like center.